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Imagine you own a online business. You sell products through your website. To increase the sales you have put up discounts and expect huge traffic to land on your website. You manage the inventory and are prepped up to handle the hike in customers. On the day of the sale, you realize your site is down. Everything seems to be fine. But it isn't. Your domain registrar (a company with whom you register your site address before the launch of the site) suspended your domain and there is no way for your customers to log onto your site. How would you react? You have lost the momentum of the sale and to make matters worse you are unable to reach out to the registrar and get the issue fixed.


TV Series is a huge time investment. It's been a few weeks since I have invested time in watching a series. The last series I watched was the Sacred Games. Due to peer pressure. Though I did like the director team of the series and eventually loved the series as well.


The row behind me had a group of guys from North India. I was exposed to their running commentary during the second half of the movie. Surprisingly they were very quiet during the first half. Enjoying the movie by laughing 'with' the characters and not at them. The two women sitting next to us had enough halfway through the second half. They got up and left, making us wonder if we got this right.

We watched the movie at PVR Grand Mall in Chennai. A decent theatre known for starting the movie late. We were hinging on that element to take time to reach the mall. We entered the movie hall 25 minutes after the stipulated start time. There were still a few ads left to be broadcasted. It's almost as if PVR wants to reward latecomers. Works for us!


I am a decent public speaker. Better at impromptu speaking. I practice as a Toastmaster in my corporate club meetings and other opportunities I get elsewhere. Out of 10 opportunities I feel good about 3 or 4. The rest I am not happy with. This could be the case of being too harsh on myself. Or expecting better. The thing though is that I expect myself to get better without actively doing anything about it. Feel that frequency of performances should automatically make me a better speaker. That doesn't happen. It helps in small ways but it doesn't make you a better speaker.

Of the 3 or 4 opportunities when I feel good. It is always because of better preparation.

I am talented in speaking. External validation also says. Though I don't necessarily put hard work into my speaking ability. I tend to rely too much oh the innate talent. It works some times but fails most of the times. This is the primary reason why I haven't been able to improve on my good moments. #Toastmasters

Few days back I read a post on LinkedIn. A Indian HR professional wrote about a practice that has become common over the past few months. A few of the recruiters to enhance their standing in the online world were copy pasting other influencers content. In this case they were copying from the posts of Brigette Hyacinth. Her posts are informative, challenging status quo and largely inspired from personal experiences. She gets a lot of traction to her posts. Understandably so.

The urge to share something useful to your network is understandable. That urge is wired in our psyche since centuries. We can't do much about it. However to copy paste and not give credit to the author is downright cheating. No amount of justification can change the truth. It is unethical and wrong.

If the goal is to grow your influence and gain respect of your peers you ought to make the best content available to your network. That can be through other sources. Some of the best content is already being created by the best in the industry. You don't need to write it. You can be a conduit through which the information flows.

If you have something original to say, write it. The content you post needs to come from a personal space not from a borrowed thought. Your thinking can definitely be influenced by others but still you ought to apply your mind and add some part of yourself to the process. Your stamp needs to be authentic.

Borrowed influence can only take you so far. When you radiate knowledge which is original and yours you have the fuel to last for a longer journey.

This copy paste behavior will give you short term benefits but when it really matters you will be shortchanged for value.

Share and Re post but never ever forget to credit the creator. It is the least you can do. If you want to do more. Pay the creator.


When I was a child my parents made me go to the local grocery shop popularly called Kirana stores in India. They never made a list of items required for the house. Whenever they realized something got over the item needed to be bought. Not the ideal solution but it worked for the small household and aligned to the income of the family.

Today the Kirana stores aren't as popular as they used to be. They are an afterthought for middle-class families who prefer to be spoilt for choice in the magnanimous supermarkets.

Though supermarkets are efficient in giving us a range of options and discounts there is no one size fits all solution. We find ourselves buying groceries from four different brands/outlets. To top all these there are online establishments as well. They tend to be cost-effective and less time-consuming.

After a few months of trying out these options, we realized they collectively serve our monthly household needs. This whole process of buying from different sources is not ideal. Takes a lot of time and logistically challenging. Also very irritating. I hate it when we need to go to two outlets to buy a list of a few items! Cant the process be simpler?

This supermarket hopping is the harsh reality.

How about having a concierge service for buying groceries? Am I asking for too much? Or is this a justified request? The jury is out on this and will be out for a while.


This is not a review. I am not qualified enough. These are my thoughts about the movie I watched a few hours ago.

More than a comedy the movie was a commentary on our society. How we treat women and what might happen if we continue doing so. I like the possibility of women being empowered to roam at midnight and men being locked in their homes for safety!

There is a scene where a guest character ( the supremely talented Vijay Raaz) talks about the role of women in society. It's a patriarchial mindset he blurts and I loved how tense it made the crowd in the theatre. Up until then the crowd was laughing, clapping and enjoying the movie. That scene created a lot of tension. It eased when the situation flipped releasing the pressure.


I participated in a corporate sanitized roast in my #Toastmasters club. We had to roast our new President. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who is gullible.

Took some time to prepare points for my two minute roast. I was the last one to go. Because my club considers me one of the best speakers. I wouldn't deny it but I prefer to act humble. Who doesn't like the adulation?


Cricket is India's favorite sport. A few other sports are coming up but they will take a long time in unseating Cricket's position at the top.

Almost every fan worth his dime believes he or she is an expert. This leads to analyzing every move the Indian Cricket team makes. Imagine the pressure on the decision makers: Captain and the Coach of the team.

While some succumb to the pressure others thrive in it. Virat Kohli definitely falls in the latter category.

The latest decision to pick Hanuma Vihari (on debut) ahead of Karun Nair for the 5th and final test is being debated by the lakhs of the Indian fans.

I am no expert but let me put down a few pointers on why we shouldn't jump to conclusions in interpreting the decision.

We aren't the decision makers. Kohli and Shastri are. They need to consider all the variables in the play and then decide. None of us, Journalists and Commentator included, have full privy into the dressing room. So everything we say is mere speculation.

Decision to select a player is not based only on talent and past experience. The environment, player fit, future readiness and a lot more factors come into play. The key aspect here is that we don't know.

I would suggest not to overanalyze. Don't put ideas into Karun's head.

It's been two weeks since I have begun listening to podcasts diligently and I have learnt more in these two weeks than I have learnt in months together. Learnt about Personal Finance, Payments Business, Reading Habits, Google Maps, Monkey Mind, Obstacle Racing and a lot more than what I can remember right now!

Though I make notes after listening to every podcast how much I retain after a week is questionable. I am still figuring out the system. Probably review the notes every two weeks? Maybe.

I listen to a podcast every morning while I am walking in the park. Earlier I walked without the earphones plugged in. My mind would go haywire. Now with podcasts, I look forward to walking every day.

The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish is my current favourite podcast. I am exploring a lot of others but usually realize that Shane's quality is top notch. His questions, research and subjects are fascinating. The people he invites to the show are harbingers of their fields. I am yet to find a better podcast.

I have also tried a few Indian podcasts like “The Seen and the Unseen” by Amit Varma, “Paisa Vaisa” by Anupam Gupta and a few others. The interesting aspect of the Indian podcast scene is that there is a group called IVM Podcasts which produces a lot of good quality podcasts. I believe they get enough traction to sustain their growth. However, their social media following is far from inspiring.

I personally believe podcasts can add value to your lives. It is another source of learning. Similar to books you learn from experiences, stories and expertise of others. I listen to Podcasts during my commute, walking and other times when I can get through life on automatic mode.

The good thing is there are a wide variety of options for you to choose from. You think of a subject and you will find a relevant podcast. The other day I heard a story of an Indian Gay activist and how difficult it is to grow up as a Gay in India. It was a heartwarming experience.

I would like to believe this isn't a fad that goes away after a few weeks. I hope to stick to this medium of learning. It augments well with my reading habit. Podcasts also make me use my idle time better. I can continue doing my must-do activities while listening and learning on the go. I wonder what took me so long to explore the world of Podcasts.