One of the ways to figure out if a movie works is to gauge the audience response while they are watching the movie. Are they busy scrolling the bottomless pit of their favourite social media sites or are they enjoying the movie with rapt attention?

Andhadhun falls under the latter. There were numerous moments in the movie when the audience laughed, gasped, eeewed and got scared together. It felt as if we were collectively together in the experience. A big win for the makers.

Aakash (Ayushman Khurrana) in one of the scenes utters the infamous line “The nation wants to know” and it got a thunderous laughter from the audience. There were many such moments throughout the movie. The twists, which are in abundance, kept the audience guessing. So much so that at the cusp of the interval a girl in the audience was worried about a cat drinking possible poisonous milk. Her words were amplified because of the sunken silence of the crowd.

Giving away the story would be harsh to the makers. It is a very well thought and written script with no scope of loopholes. No matter how much you try and decipher the motivations of the character you will not be able to find logical flaws in the script.

Sriram Raghavan the director of the movie has a reputation for making dark movies such as Johnny Gaddar, Badlapur and Ek Hasina Thi. All his movies entertain and are smart. This movie though has reached the pinnacle. The incredible cast and the amazing background score make the movie extremely fascinating to watch.

Some of the titles of the critic's reviews say there is unexpected laughter in the movie. I beg to differ. The dialogues were smartly woven into the screenplay to create the moments that induced laughter. The characters developed are quirky and dark but never one dimensional. Radhika Apte for once has a role where she is a girl next door.

A few liberties have been taken but they are a very small cost you pay to watch the intelligent thriller on the big screen. It's been a while since I have enjoyed watching a Bollywood movie this much! The first half is exhilarating and the second half doesn't disappoint. Ayushman does a great job of playing the blind man. Tabu is her eccentric self. Every time you see her you feel Bollywood has not given her good roles. She shines in this quirky character she gets to play. Manav Vij's body language as the cop is excellent. He has some of the best comical moments of the movie. Ashwini Kalsekar who is a powerhouse of an actor has a small role and yet she is able to leave a mark on the screen.

In today's world, we have been desensitized so much that a thriller with expected twists doesn't amaze us. In such a scenario Andhadhun puts a gamut of twists (with no loopholes) on a platter and asks us “How about this?”

The only thing we can do then is to sit back and enjoy the amazing ride. If you do not watch this movie I am afraid you will have missed Bollywood's best movie of 2018. Let the fear of missing out guide you to the nearest theatre playing Andhadhun. Go, now.

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