Last Day at Work & First Day at Work

My last working day in Pershing was October 3, 2018. My first day at Chargebee was October 4, 2018. Many people asked me why I did not take a breather in between. While I can definitely come up with many reasons which in hindsight might justify the decision. The truth is that I dint want to waste any time. I wanted to start the new chapter of my work life as soon as possible. Well, I am also not a great negotiator. It could be just that.

I couldn't have asked for a better last day experience. Incidentally there was a Toastmasters meeting scheduled as well. I was supposed to give a special speech. Unfortunately what I delivered was anything but special. Yet the kindness of my colleagues was unfazed. They showered praise, gifts and lots of love. I felt very humbled and almost ended up crying. I din't though. Surprising myself.

My dinner table friends at Pershing made a slam book styled notebook and collected write-ups from my peers. Well, this may sound silly but believe me it is anything but frivolous. It felt great to read what people thought of me. It was a ego boost. Something which I needed before joining a new place full of strangers.

I couldn't have asked for a better last day experience. It was reassuring that I had created an impact on people. This feeling was richly satisfying.

While I could bask in the glory of wishes. It was time to begin a new journey. Going to a place which looks exciting and where I am nobody. It is like pressing the reset button with intent of beginning everything again. Leaving the comfort of familiar and entering the zone of unfamiliar.

My first day at Chargebee was a very interesting experience. Contrast to anything I have experienced in my 6 years of corporate life. Got a Mac. The Apple fanboy in me was ecstatic. I curtailed the emotions. The place has a very different kind of energy. It is a new experience. The learning curve for me is very steep. I look forward to giving it a best shot and make a mark.

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