To post or not to post


Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

All organizations have an internal collaboration space such as Workplace, Yammer, MySource Social or insert the tool you use in your workplace. These spaces are used for broadcasting announcements, recognizing a peer's achievement and much more. You will find all sorts of folks posting content in such forums. Some do so to share knowledge and a few to gain 'visibility' i.e. the subtle currency to climb the corporate ladder.

I get excited when I read good content on the web. If you see my Twitter feed (@_adipatil) you will understand why I love sharing so much. I personally feel it is an extension of who I am. Sometimes I am so excited while I am in the middle of reading a [good article] ( that I cannot wait to share it with the world. I know that defeats the purpose of reading in the first place but that's who I am.

When folks read what I share and give me the validation that I am seeking (through comments and likes) I get great temporary joy. So much so that I keep looking for it even when there is no scope anymore.

I guess millennials and validation are inseparable entities.

And when you overshare, your contribution tends to be taken for granted. The value it delivers diminishes and by the virtue of it, the validation stops coming. Amidst all the average (perceived value) content you post the good quality content is also ignored because “Hey, this guy keeps posting random stuff” syndrome.

Nobody listens when you are not 'successful' but when you have the luxury of success behind you everybody wants to retweet you!

Does that mean we stop sharing because no one is going to consume? Or, Do we keep sharing because that's who you are?

I have stopped sharing in my workplace's workplace (By Facebook). Unless of course it is a must-read piece and then I just go ahead notwithstanding the concerns I have in my head.

I am somewhere between “I don't care if people consume my content or not, I just want it to be useful to at least one person” to “I need validation to survive in this big bad world”.

Validation, why are you so sticky?

Wouldn't it be great if you could post without thinking about what people thought about you? You only posted and did not care what happened to the post. Did it engage the audience? Did it provoke interest? Does this share make me look smart?

In an ideal world the question “To post or not to post” shouldn't even be a question! Let alone a blog post! Argh.